The Nigel King Band Members


The four key band members (five when you include Emily the bands full time sound engineer) are all passionate about making great music and work tirelessly to give an audience the best night out.

The Nigel King Band, Nigel King

Is well known around Norfolk as the big guy with a big voice. His passion with music was influenced by his father who introduced him to bands like The Beatles, The Hollies, The Who, The Rolling Stones and many others from a very early age. Nigel has been able to part repay his father for this great start to music by actually supporting bands live like The Searchers, The Fortunes, The Ivy League, Cliff Bennett, Marmalade, Dave Berry and many others allowing his father to then get to meet his childhood idols. Although influenced by the great music of the 60s Nigel's impressive vocal range allows him to give most songs and genres a try from Bill Haley to Roy Orbison to Robbie Williams he gives every performance 110%.

The Nigel King Band, Stu Aitken
The Nigel King Band, Martin Bishop

Martin is the heartbeat of the Band. His attention to detail and his musicality has helped to make the band stand out from the rest. A major player on the Norfolk scene for many years he has played all over the country and is vastly experienced. His backing vocals too are a major part of the NKB sound.

Resembling Uncle Albert more than an a highly accomplished bass guitar player Stewart is the 'blues' Scots man that has been truly adopted by the Norfolk music scene. He is in great demand but loves being able to bring all his years of playing experience to the Nigel King Band. His strong vocal harmonies and solid reliable bass lines are integral to the NKB sound.